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I don't have time to surf -
You may purchase credits to help keep your sites in rotation, but you will still need to login and surf a little at least once every 90 days to keep your account active.

How do I put a Banner in rotation?
Purchase Banner Impressions then contact Admin and supply them with the url where your banner image is located and the url where you want people sent when they click your banner. Admin will then put your banner in rotation.

Do I need to assign credits to my sites?
Yes, from your members page. Credits earned while surfing go to your account credits.

How do I Upgrade my account?
On your members page you will see Upgrade Account in RED letters. Across from it is an arrow which will take you to the upgrade page or click the UPGRADE link.

What happens to BONUS credits earned?
They get added to your account credits.

I have a question not answered here - - -
Contact Admin for a prompt reply.